Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Quarter of a Century

At first, turning 25 years old to me was a bit scary..but then I was thinking to myself like, what? What am I nervous about turning 25 for? I am actually h a p p y. Happy with my life, my surroundings, and most importantly the genuine people in my life. I have been learned NOT to care about what people may say or think of me, the only thing that matters is to keep my head above the sky and I've been doing just that. Turning 25 to me, is an accomplishment because I have made it this far in my life with some great things going for myself, and you best' believe there's more to come! I can't speak for every 25 year old but what I can do is speak for myself. Some of the things I used to care about, I don't care about anymore. Things change, seasons change, people change, hell, I change. But there's nothing wrong about that. You live, you grow, you learn, and you love, and move on with your life. There may be some things that I/we don't understand about life and its obstacles, but I know for damn sure that I have people in my life whom I trust to get some reassurance from. There might be some people in your life who come and go, but that shouldn't stop you. I don't ask many questions. By now those people should be grown enough to always reveal their true selves, if they are still there then it's for a purpose,  if they can't get with the program, goodbye. Turning 25 is just an age, but it's a blessing and it is motivation to me. Turning 25 and feeling beautiful, healthy, and confident is another thing. You only get better with age, so why not make the effing best of it? With me about to graduate college soon (in a few months), I feel as if I am being held back from some things that I want to do. Not the case. I get the best pep talks from my boyfriend who always motivates me to "just do it." Why not now? I've always heard if you want something, get your a** up and go get it or work towards getting it. Nothing is free, and your creativity isn't either. Turning 25 gave me a new perspective (currently) on life. Turning 25 is just fine. You don't have to be my age to be reading this, this message still applies to you. Just be yourself and do what makes you happy.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Altuzarra x Target

So, target does it again and spices up their style with collaborating with designer Altuzarra. The Altuzarra x Target collection is released today with approximately 50 pieces ALL under $100. Say what? Above are a few of my favorite looks that I will definitely try to get my hands on. How gorgeous are these sexy slit skirts and and clean lines? This collection is perfect for versatility. Get classy and wear these looks to work, then transform and get classy chic for happy hour. 

 This collection is absolutely "the one" - including slinky/sexy snake print dresses and skirts, structured trench coats, a beautiful bordeaux velvet pantsuit *lusts* floral printed maxi dresses, even sexy leather knee length bots and booties, plus much more. Heading into Target today to check out the new Altuzarra x Target collection? Let me know what you guys purchased! The collection will be available on Target's website, as well as select items on Net-A-Porter.

photos courtesy of Target.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

MY New York Street Style

Pretty much any style goes in New York, it's just how confident you are in yourself and what you're wearing. I felt like this hat put the cherry on top of the whole look. It was perfect because while walking around broadway I walked into Aldo and knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it! Threw it on instantly and BAM, completed my look just look that. This day was full of excitement, not only exploring town but we stopped by the Lincoln Center and got swarmed with cameras (which was expected) but awesome at the same time. The day didn't end so well because this was the last time I saw my booties that are worn in these photos..they're somewhere in a taxi cab :( Now time to think about which other black ankle booties to replace them with!

photos by: Yan Valdez

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fashion Week Essentials: The List

1. Simple Black Pumps: Come on ladies, if we're traveling to New York Fashion Week - having a pair of simple pumps handy is probably the best way to be minimal. They go with pretty much everything, and they also are highly versatile whether you're wearing simple jeans and a blazer, or a dress/skirt walking around the Lincoln Center.

2. A Chargeable Clutch: Seriously? A chargeable clutch bag. I cannot stress enough how much you will need to charge your phone over and over during fashion week. You're taking pictures allll day, using Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, apps that help you get around NYC, etc. YOUR PHONE WILL GO DEAD! Also, just carrying around your wall charger isn't very convenient either. I found myself searching for a nearby Starbucks multiple times to charge my phone. How about a cute clutch that will keep your phone juiced up?

3.Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray: This spray works wonders! It's the perfect size to keep in your purse anywhere you go to keep your makeup from running or smudging. Basically it keeps a matte (oil controlled) finish. Especially since sometimes riding in taxis, walking blocks downtown, and standing in hot subway areas waiting on a train in New York can have you sweating within just a few minutes. After you apply your makeup, just spray 3-4 times about 4-6 inches away from your face, and you're ready to go!

4. Your iPhone: Duh, you're going to want to make sure you can snap it up at any given time you see something cool (which will always be the case in New York City). Alway be ready to use your social media handles to continuously update with any useful coverage.

5. A Notebook: Having a notebook handy in your bag is also a quick way to hurry and jot down anything you see or any ideas that you may have for a blog post, or just any other ideas that you get from inspiration all around you.

6. Red Lip Stain: I love this lip stain from Sephora! It may look like a glossy lipstick, but actually it dries in a matte finish instantly! It stays on perfectly, no smudges and evens out on your lips just right. Having a red lip as your pop of color can never be wrong.

7. A DSLR Camera: I don't know about you, but to me, having a DSLR camera makes you feel so much more official than having a regular "point and shoot" camera. They really aren't too difficult to carry around, and plus you'll get better pics of street style, runway coverage,  or any other pictures that are used for your blog. I've also snuck in with the media during a live show before - I had my Nikon D3200 around my neck looking like I belonged with the team. Not! You've really got to work your jelly at NYFW or you will be disappointed.

Day 5: NYFW Spring 2015 Trend Report

The FashionMingle.net team wrapped up Day 5 late covering the last shows of the day; Libertine & Oudifu.  Oudifu is considered an emerging label to the U.S., but is very popular in China!  In addition to bringing in designers from around the world to showcase their collections at MBFW, IMG has done a major push to feature international emerging and up and coming designers.  Grant it, this may be due to the fact that heavy-hitter names, such as DVF, Michael Kors, and more, have been pulling out of MBFW over the last few seasons to showcase offsite. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Young, emerging & up and coming designers have embraced the new culture of fashion, and with these gaps in the time slot of MBFW, they now have an opportunity to bring their designs to the masses.  Designers such as Libertine, Oudifu, Vivienne Hu, Mark & Estel, Falguni & Shane Peacock are just a few brands that have now become MBFW household names.

The real first emergence of black and white combinations showed up on Day 5 of New York Fashion Week, starting with Lela Rose’s runway for spring. Lela Rose featured bold gingham and polka dot prints in black and white.  Carolina Herrera favored the color red in her collection, infusing single, and ginormous red flowers on white fabric.  The popular all white ensembles also showed up in CH’s runway, and like Victoria Beckham the day before her, Carolina Herrera featured a dark hue of purple, which is unexpected for Spring!   

Photo Credit: www.fashiongps.com

Photo Credit: www.fashiongps.com

Dennis Basso opened his collection with a dedication to the late Joan Rivers. All of us at FashionMingle.net and our media partners send our condolences to Joan’s friends and family.  In typical, Basso style, his collection featured fur! Surprisingly there wasn’t as much fur as some of his previous collections, but there was fur nonetheless.  Reem Acra has the best name in the world for a fashion designer! Her name makes me think of fabric! Reem created looks that featured tons of sparkle and shine.  The audience collectively let out ooohs and aahhs as the amazing gowns just kept coming.

Photo Credit: Shalanda Turner, www.live-life-in-style.com

Photo Credit: Shalanda Turner, www.live-life-in-style.com

UNIQUE FIND: Johnson Harting’s Libertine
Johnson is the designer behind the label Libertine. Every season I discover new brands…well at least they are new to me.  This was my first time seeing Libertine clothes and I had no idea what was in store! As soon as the lights went down, I knew I was in for a treat.  The models came storming out one after the other, to upbeat, pop culture tunes, while wearing the wildest street wear looks imaginable. Wild but functional and fun.  There were tons of colors, fabrics, and 3D enhancements on the clothes.  To finish the show, Johnson led his models around the room in true party walk style. The audience, who simply loved the collection, cheered and clapped for the final walk.  Johnson’s clothes may not be for everybody…especially the faint at heart, but watching the show and viewing his creativity is definitely exciting!

Photo Credit: Shalanda Turner, www.live-life-in-style.com

Written by Shalanda Turner, FashionMingle.net Style Editor

Day 4: NYFW Spring 2015 Trend Report

Every fashion week, something is bound to go wrong! From losing equipment to someone being sick, and this fashion week is no exception! Our team is definitely being run through the ringer, working out technical difficulties with our laptops and  our website, but we won’t let that stop us! It’s all a part of the experience of covering New York Fashion Week. Even with our technical difficulties the team wrapped up Day 4 in one piece!

Unique Showcase:
In addition to the regularly scheduled designers that show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, IMG works to bring unique shows to the venue. Fashion Shenzen is always a delight, as it features fashion designers from China.  Fashion is a universal industry, and it’s amazing to see styles and design aesthetics from around the world! The Fashion Shenzen designers featured looks made in shiny and sheer fabrics. They also favored highly embellished gowns with lots of sequins.  

Photo Credit: Arielle Breedyk, www.ariellebreedyk.com

 Photo Credit: Arielle Breedyk, www.ariellebreedyk.com

Custo Barcelona and DVF took us to shorter lengths with miniskirts and above the knee dresses respectively, while Nanette Lepore and Victoria Beckham featured ankle-length styles.

Photo Credit: www.fashiongps.com

Custo Barcelona featured abstract prints and perforated fabrics. Vivienne Tam incorporated palm tree prints into her collection, continuing the popular tropical prints theme we’ve been seeing over the last couple days. Cesar Galindo used metallic and sequin fabrics in his collection.

Photo Credit: Shalanda Turner, www.live-life-in-style.com

All white ensembles are still popular going into Day 4. Nanette Lepore featured a few all white looks, but the favored color for her collection was definitely yellow! Yellow shoes, yellow-based prints, and solid yellow dresses, Nanette let us know that yellow will be trending for Spring, and she’s not the only one. Cesar Galindo also featured yellow in his collection, along with greens, pastel oranges, and metallic.  Victoria Beckham’s spring collection was heavy on the tans & neutral colors black and white. Victoria even featured an oxblood hue that is typically reserved for Fall!

Photo Credit: JANE KRATOCHVIL, www.janekratochvil.com

Photo Credit: FashionGps.com

For the most part, there’s been 2 big trends for hair: Braids or slicked back and loose. I think braids will always be a popular choice for Spring & Summer!

The bigger the better! The Czar collection featured bold, colorful necklaces that would make the wearer the center of attention in any room.

Written by Shalanda Turner, FashionMingle.net Style Editor

Day 3: NYFW Spring 2015 Report

TICKET TO THE TENTS: Day 3 Spring 2015 NYFW Trend Report

For Day 3 of New York Fashion Week, the FashionMingle.net team again split up to bring you maximum coverage. Style Editor, Shalanda Turner headed to the Garment District to cover Amir Taghi’s debut New York Fashion Week show, while Heather, Jeanine & Arielle covered Alon Livne. Later in the evening, our team reconvened at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to cover Malan Breton and Venexiana.

Apparently, crop tops are here to stay! Amir Taghi favored sexy crop tops that incorporated deep V-necks. Mara Hoffman’s collection featured wide-leg pants, in all lengths (culotte and full). Mara Hoffman is also the queen of maxi dresses and sent a plethora of vibrant maxi dresses down the runway. Alon Livne stayed true to his warrior woman style, presenting a fierce collection full of sparkles, cut-outs, and 3D-enhancements.

 Photo Credit: Shasie, www.live-life-in-style.com

Photo Credit: Arielle Breedyk, www.ariellebreedyk.com
There seems to be a lot of transportation through clothes going on this week! Malan Breton presented his “Journey to Taiwan” Spring Collection, complete with dancers and musical performers.  Malan chose to use sateen-finish fabrics for the majority of his collection.  At a minimum, Malan Breton showed 60 looks last night.  He may win the award for the most extensive runway presentation during fashion week!

Photo Credit: Shalanda Turner, www.live-life-in-style.com
As fashion week continues, we’re starting to see more and more prints. Herve Leger by Max Azria featured bold prints and embellished fabrics in their Spring 2015 collection. Tropical prints are pretty popular for Spring! Nicole Miller took us to Rio De Janeiro on Day 2, and Mara Hoffman took us to the beach with palm tree prints, and prints that resembled the sun rising over the ocean.

Photo Credit: Fashiongps.com
Lots of all white ensembles, pastels, and pops of bright color! Designers who featured tons of prints incorporated color by default, choosing vibrant and bold prints.

Photo Credit: Arielle Breedyk, www.ariellebreedyk.com

Mara Hoffman takes the baseball hat to a girlie level by adding a tie-back scarf for the cap closure.  Heather and Jeanine checked out Anya Caliendo’s hat show at St. Regis Hotel! Of course we have to feature some of Anya’a amazing work for Spring! Wearing one of these hats will definitely escalate your fashion status from blah to haute couture faster than a sale at Bloomingdales!

Photo Credit: Heather Petrey, www.lafashionsnob.com

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day 2: Spring 2015 NYFW Trend Report

Hey guys, We survived Day 2 of New York Fashion Week! Can you believe the FashionMingle.net team is already tired? And we have 6 more days of coverage to bring to you! For Day 2, the team kicked off the day with Mark & Estel’s Spring 2015 Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. After that the team split up. Heather, Otaymah, and Jeanine coveredSaunder, and conducted an interview with David Tupaz off-site, while Michelle, Jane, & Shalanda stayed at Lincoln Center to cover the shows there and conduct an interview with Nicole Miller.

Sometimes less is more as displayed by Mark & Estel.  Their collection was solely made out of cotton found in your everyday denim, sweatpants and t-shirts. How do I know? Because during their final walk, Estel Dayannounced it to us during their closing song performance. Attending a Mark & Estel is always fun, and it was a great way to kick-off Day 2 of New York Fashion Week.

PHOTO CREDIT: Shalanda Turner, www.live-life-in-style.com

In stark contrast to the cotton-heavy Mark & Estel Collection, MoniqueLhuillier, opted for shiny, and metallic finish fabrics such as satin and silk and glittery fabrics for her plethora of gowns and dresses. Zimmermann also favored metallic hues in suiting.

Photo Credit: Shalanda Turner, www.live-life-in-style.com
As seen on the Day 1 runways, pastels were again the favored choiceamongst designers for day 2.  Charlotte Ronson featured peach, pale blue, and pale green hues and Zimmerman featured pale yellows. And while there was a pop of pastels here and there, Trina Turk stood by her claim to fame and design aesthetic of using bold and vibrant colors. It appears that even if pastels are trending, Trina will rebel and stay bold, and who can blame her? The scene during her presentation was fun and flirty and the bold hues added to the playfulness of the collection.

PhotoCredit: Shalanda Turner, www.live-life-in-style.com
Trina Turk collection’s was not only playful, but it made me think of the 60s, especially with the models wearing wide scarf headbands! The models wore bold, statement necklaces and posed with handbags of all shapes and sizes. Popular in both the Charlotte Ronson and Trina Turk collections were these comfortable looking sandals.  Is the gladiator sandal being replaced next season as the it-shoe for Spring? We’ll find out.

Photo Credit: Shalanda Turner, www.live-life-in-style.com
Nicole Miller’s collection stood out on Day 2 for having the most prints. Her vision of transporting her wearers to Rio De Janeiro Brazil was creatively conveyed to the audience. The models wore prints that featured birds and palm trees, while carrying luggage.  Charlotte Ronson featured a few floral prints, but overall prints were pretty minute throughout the collections with solid colors dominating day 2.

PHOTO CREDIT: Shalanda Turner, www.live-life-in-style.com
By: Shalanda Turner, FashionMingle.net Style Editor

Friday, September 5, 2014

Day 1: NYFW Recap

It’s that time again! Which means we’ve arrived at another New York Fashion Week. If you’re like us, this makes September one of our favorite months of the year! In fact, we’d go so far as to agree with Instagrammer, Candy Price Pratt that “September is the January of Fashion!” New York Fashion Week officially kicked off yesterday with designers presenting theirSpring 2015 Collections. The FashionMingle.net team was on the scene covering the first day of New York Fashion Week. Representing FashionMingle.net this year, we have Fashion Mingle Style Editor, Shalanda Turner, Videographer, Michelle Elise Harding, Photographer Jane Kratochvil, and Contributors, Otaymah Bonds, Heather Petrey & Jeanine Valiente.

Nicholas K kicked off Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in their usual 9am spot on day one inside the tents.  While the draping, layers and loose silhouettes are not new to Nicholas K, their introduction of a pretty, pastel teal green was a change from the browns, tans and whites.  We’re hoping this color is a fixture in all the runways for Spring.

Photo Credit: Jane Kratochvilwww.janekratochvil.com

And continuing with pastels, it appears that pastels will continue to dominate next Spring as they did this year.  Lubov and Max presented a collection for BCBGMaxAzria that included pastel pinks & blue along with a ton of white and off-white garments. However, some designers opted to include pops of bright colors in their collections. Richard Chai featured a bold lime-yellow color for spring, and Desigual, known for bold and colorful prints did not disappoint.

Photo Credit: Jane Kratochvile, www.janekratochvil.com
In contrast to Desigual’s bold use of prints in every garment, most of the runways were absent of significant amounts of prints, with the designers opting for solid colors to convey their visions. If there were prints, they were mosaic and abstract in nature, versus typical floral prints that usually dominate for Spring.

Photo Credit: Jane Kratochvil, www.janekratochvil.com
Long is the new black! Tadashi Shoji favored knee-length dresses and full-length gowns.  BCBGMaxAzria also went long for spring with wide-leg trousers and ankle-length skirts.   Marissa Webb featured super-chic outerwear pieces for spring from ankle-length trench coats, to peplum wind-breakers. There’s a lot of material on the runways for Spring.  Long and free flowing fabrics that offer tons of movement for the wearer.
Photo Credit: Jane Kratochvilwww.janekratochvil.com
Wearable Technology is all the rage right now and CuteCircuit has taken the world by storm with their technological clothing innovations.  Their collection for Spring, featured cool, digital enhancements that wereincorporated into the clothes, shiny and glittery fabrics, and even digitally enhanced bathing suites! Forget wearable tech bracelets, we want the clothes version!

By: Shalanda Turner, FashionMingle.net Style Editor

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