Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Haute For Summer

Hey guys! I know its been forever but there has been some major changes in life that have caused me to literally press pause on my blog for a little bit. Good changes though :) I'm so thankful and blessed to be where I am..but now I have to find the time/strength to make my blog a priority again. ONE WORD: PrioritiZE

Starting with Summer staples - Summer isn't over just yet, especially when you live in an area where it doesn't get cool until like October. Ha, seriously you'll have time to wear all of the Summer trends. These are just a few pieces (ideas) that I found myself not being able to go without - whether its going on a quick weekend trip, vacation, daily events, errands, day parties, etc. All of these pieces are versatile essentials that could transition for any Summer occasion.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Never Too Late

plaid coat - zara (last season) // denim top (thrifted) // high waist "photo ready jeans" jbrand // heels - zara

I named this post "Never Too Late" because I was talking about the fact that it was never too late to wear this fab coat I got from Zara last year. First of all, I got it on SUPER SALE. No, when I say SUPER SALE, I mean it. meaning, $100 off....super sale. See, my trick is waiting until the end of the season to score some great Fall/Winter coats (that I've probably had my eye on all year) for super cheap. Like this other baby pink coat I got from Urban Outfitters for 20 bucks (no longer available) with the regular price of $199! Um, what? Hell yes.

It's like every time I wanted to shoot in this plaid coat, Houston weather told me "No!" It would would always get warm off and on, then finally there came a day that was cool enough to wear it without looking crazy. So, I paired it with an all denim outfit to sort of bring a Spring time feel to the look without it appearing too "Winter-ish." These lace up heels are so gorgeous, comfortable, and versatile! The only con that they have is the back closure part takes forever to tighten (or close) up. Other than that, they're great and only $79. I can't wait to get some ideas for Spring looks going on soon! What trends are you guys looking forward to?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine's Day (for him) Gift Guide

Alright ladies, 
I can vouch for us. Sometimes it IS hard to find the perfect gift for your special guy especially when he already has everything. Try your best to think out of the ordinary, and focus more on what he can actually put to use rather than buying expected monotonous Valentine's Day gifts. Here are some things that will make him smile (p.s. it's perfectly okay to be cheesy with your boo) as well as come in handy for everyday......well, besides the chocolate:

You also might be able to find cheaper versions of some of these items in stores or elsewhere. Did you have any special gifts in mind?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

SFB X Kissue

First, I would like to start off by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my readers! 20 days into the new year, yes I know..but this is my first official outfit post of 2015.
I cannot wait to see what this year brings myself, my family, and all of you goal driven individuals out there. A few months back, I had the pleasure of meeting two bloggers that I have been following for quite some time now - girlsofffifth. One of them asked me "Why aren't you taking over Houston?" That question stuck with me ever since. And now I'm like, you know what...I will eventually.

To start off, I have teamed up with KISSUE which is a Houston based online boutique that offers reasonable fashions for young, chic, and sophisticated women. I was so lucky to be able to pick a few pieces from their Fall collection, and style myself to share on my blog with you guys! Fluffy and fur coats/cardigans/vests/jackets have been haute on the radar this season, so without a doubt I picked this white cozy chic coat. It's very light, and perfect to pair with almost any look for completion. I chose to wear it with this gorgeous gold and black sequin crop top and cropped pants to give my look casual city chic! This look can be easily transformed to day or night many different ways, depending on how you style it. Feel free to leave comments below with any questions or advice!

Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: Zara (DIY feathers on toe strap)

Both pieces can be found on KISSUETX.COM - Check them out and shop away! :)

photos by: Nic

Sunday, January 4, 2015

DIY Spray Paint Wine Bottle Vases

Here's what you'll need....

  • Wine/champagne bottles (doesn't matter what kind)
  • Spray paint (any color of your choice) I loveeeeee golddddd
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush 
  • Flowers
  • An old towel

I've been wanting to make some of these vases for a while and I FINALLY found the time to go the craft store and buy everything that I needed. You probably already have wine/champagne bottles and even beer bottles stashed away, so don't let them sit on your bar stand looking boring. GLAM it up. This DIY project was super easy! I love gold decor (and so does my room) so I wanted to spice up my room decor a bit by adding these gorgeous vases. The process took about 2 hours total - including drying time. Make sure you work in an open area (outside would probably be the safest) to avoid making a mess with the spray paint and glitter. I forgot to mention, wear rubber gloves when painting..I accidentally sprayed painted a few of my nails! :/ 

Spray the paint (vertical motion) at least 3-4 inches away from the object and wa-la! Let the bottles air dry for a few minutes then start the next one.

Aren't they so pretty? Now after the bottles have dried, you can add the finishing touches by dipping them in glitter if you want to! I personally love how the gold glitter makes them look so fancy. You can either use spray glue, or you can just dab liquid glue on a paint brush, pour some glitter in a bowl, and DIP BABY, DIP! Haha. Your area can get a bit messy due to your excessive craftiness, so be sure to use a big towel while doing everything. Allow to dry for 20-30 minutes..


This is how my vases came out. I chose soft pink peonies so make them look elegant yet girly, plus this can match anything in your home. I wanted to use artificial flowers so that it would be easy to maintain and change up whenever. 
P.S. I got this new amazing lamp from Home Goods on SALE this weekend! Can't wait to add these in my room.

Now, it's your turn! Feel free to comment below with any questions or comments. Happy DIY-ing!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

[Last Minute] Holiday Gift Guide 2014

So many of you - like myself tend to wait until the day BEFORE Christmas to finish shopping for those special people in your life. What else does it bring besides frustration and a little bit of stress? Well, that's why I put together this gift guide that includes some really cute gifts/stocking stuffers to help you guys out with ideas.

1. A Decorative Pillow - it may be too late to get things shipped overnight, so you can find similar ones from Target, Home Goods, Ikea, etc
2. Laura Geller 'Sweet Luxuries' Set - $59 [from Nordstrom] Can also be found in Nordstrom stores
3. Victoria's Secret Warm Fuzzy 'Waffle' Slippers - $9.99 'Tis the season for cold feet! Keep her foot warm with these cute slippers!
4. Marc De Champagne Truffles - $24 These champagne infused truffles can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue, yum!
5. Fun Christmas Socks - $30 Too late to order from, but certainly you can find some fun Christmas socks everywhere!
6. Kate Spade Champagne Holder -(unknown) Can be found at Kate Spade stores
7. "That's So 2014" Clutch/sling purse - $20.99 For your fashionista, can also be found in Aldo stores
8. Selfie Stick - $20.99 For the 'selfie queens' these selfie sticks can be found at Wal Mart, Radio Shack, and Amazon, plus many more
9. 'Eat Pretty' Nutrition & Beauty Book - $16.95 This book features some interesting and healthy recipes (for the beauty freak) that also shares tips on how to keep your physical appearance glowing and looking fresh!
10. Kate Spade Candle Set - $40 What woman doesn't love her sweet scents? These gorgeaous candles can be found at Nordstrom stores
11. Frends Headphones - $150+ These headphones can definitely make a statement and perfect for anyone who loves to jam. Can be found at Urban Outfitters, and online at Amazon, Bauble Bar, Zumies, etc

Now, hopefully you have a better idea of that "little something" to get for your special person! Did this guide help? You can also keep a few of these gifts in mind when going to holiday parties, or just an after Christmas gift sort of thing....if people still do those :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Quarter of a Century

At first, turning 25 years old to me was a bit scary..but then I was thinking to myself like, what? What am I nervous about turning 25 for? I am actually h a p p y. Happy with my life, my surroundings, and most importantly the genuine people in my life. I have been learned NOT to care about what people may say or think of me, the only thing that matters is to keep my head above the sky and I've been doing just that. Turning 25 to me, is an accomplishment because I have made it this far in my life with some great things going for myself, and you best' believe there's more to come! I can't speak for every 25 year old but what I can do is speak for myself. Some of the things I used to care about, I don't care about anymore. Things change, seasons change, people change, hell, I change. But there's nothing wrong about that. You live, you grow, you learn, and you love, and move on with your life. There may be some things that I/we don't understand about life and its obstacles, but I know for damn sure that I have people in my life whom I trust to get some reassurance from. There might be some people in your life who come and go, but that shouldn't stop you. I don't ask many questions. By now those people should be grown enough to always reveal their true selves, if they are still there then it's for a purpose,  if they can't get with the program, goodbye. Turning 25 is just an age, but it's a blessing and it is motivation to me. Turning 25 and feeling beautiful, healthy, and confident is another thing. You only get better with age, so why not make the effing best of it? With me about to graduate college soon (in a few months), I feel as if I am being held back from some things that I want to do. Not the case. I get the best pep talks from my boyfriend who always motivates me to "just do it." Why not now? I've always heard if you want something, get your a** up and go get it or work towards getting it. Nothing is free, and your creativity isn't either. Turning 25 gave me a new perspective (currently) on life. Turning 25 is just fine. You don't have to be my age to be reading this, this message still applies to you. Just be yourself and do what makes you happy.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Altuzarra x Target

So, target does it again and spices up their style with collaborating with designer Altuzarra. The Altuzarra x Target collection is released today with approximately 50 pieces ALL under $100. Say what? Above are a few of my favorite looks that I will definitely try to get my hands on. How gorgeous are these sexy slit skirts and and clean lines? This collection is perfect for versatility. Get classy and wear these looks to work, then transform and get classy chic for happy hour. 

 This collection is absolutely "the one" - including slinky/sexy snake print dresses and skirts, structured trench coats, a beautiful bordeaux velvet pantsuit *lusts* floral printed maxi dresses, even sexy leather knee length bots and booties, plus much more. Heading into Target today to check out the new Altuzarra x Target collection? Let me know what you guys purchased! The collection will be available on Target's website, as well as select items on Net-A-Porter.

photos courtesy of Target.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

MY New York Street Style

Pretty much any style goes in New York, it's just how confident you are in yourself and what you're wearing. I felt like this hat put the cherry on top of the whole look. It was perfect because while walking around broadway I walked into Aldo and knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it! Threw it on instantly and BAM, completed my look just look that. This day was full of excitement, not only exploring town but we stopped by the Lincoln Center and got swarmed with cameras (which was expected) but awesome at the same time. The day didn't end so well because this was the last time I saw my booties that are worn in these photos..they're somewhere in a taxi cab :( Now time to think about which other black ankle booties to replace them with!

photos by: Yan Valdez

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